Hello, World. What's new? Doing some web work? Well, I've got a deal for you!

Now, wait, don't run. Yes, I am the entire InkFist.Com web team — chief cook and bottle-washer, code monkey, application architect, tech support, moral support and part-time smarty-pants. And yes, I'd like to draw your attention to a humble proposition.

Which is this: If you are interested in web development or hosting services, and you call me, and we chat, then I will recommend what I feel is the best course of action for you, even if it doesn't earn me a penny.

I can do a lot, and I can do a lot well, but if I know of a cheaper, faster, all-around better way to get your job done, I will tell you straight up. That's my promise to you.

— Bogart Salzberg, proprietor

Web Development

Writing good code feels good. I do it for fun sometimes on nights and weekends.

Over the years I've developed crisp, capable and pleasure-producing code and markup in many languages:

HTML and CSS. I was doing dinky little web pages before the dawn of the millenium. I prefer programming, but I can still work end-to-end.

JavaScript. It's finally gaining the attention it deserves as a source of sizzle and a boon to usability in the browser. Bravo!

Perl. Ah, how I have loved thee, Perl. We've been places: GD and ImageMagick graphics, LWP robots, TCP servers and the Catalyst framework, to name a few. I still use it a lot for one-line filters and small utility scripts.

PHP. The majority of my programming work has been done in PHP, including several large web database applications (with MySQL). I also teach PHP classes for the Portland Adult Education program.

Ruby. I have been ramping up my Ruby work over the last few years and really enjoying it. I recently deployed my first Ruby on Rails application and I look forward to using the framework again.

Web Hosting

Remember when I promised to recommend the best option, even if it's not mine? Well, here I make good: Most of you will be better served by big "commodity hosts" with 24/7 support and low, low prices.

But some of you will want something else. How about local hosting? My servers are co-located in a large data center right here in Portland. We can visit them if you'd like.

How about "yes you can!" hosting? If you've been told "you can't do that with shared hosting", give me a call. My ability to meet unusual requirements with unique solutions is a service the commodity hosts can't match.

How about hosting that web developers can rave about? I've tailored hosting platforms for my web design and development partners, from WordPress and Drupal services to custom analytics and monitoring.


One of the many benefits of teaching programming is seeing the technology through the eyes of my students. It's an experience that I draw from daily in supporting my customers. Whether it's configuring Outlook Express or squashing software bugs, my customer service is personal, patient and dedicated to your success.

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